The history of the largest open-air museum in Lower Austria began in 1979 with the transfer of a 200-year-old Weinviertler Streckhof from Bad Pirawarth. The village grew continuously farm by farm until a typical village line was created along the Sulzbach stream.
Over the years, the museum village was supplemented by other Weinviertler residential and farm buildings, followed by craft houses, chapels, a mill and a cellar lane.
In addition to the reconstruction, a large folklore collection was created. Numerous objects that cover all aspects of rural life in the Weinviertel are preserved in the museum village.
By 2007, the museum village, now grown to a size of around 80 buildings, was run by an association. In order to secure the existence of the museum village for the future, new structures were introduced: a foundation and an operating company, supported by the Friends' Association and a technical advisory board.

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