In the mid-1960s, Josef Geissler, born in 1949 in Niedersulz, the son of a farmer, started collecting "old Klumpert".
He completed an apprenticeship as a church painter in the Archdiocese of Vienna and was involved in the restoration of many churches in Lower Austria.
In 1977 Josef Geissler opened the "Weinviertler Village Museum" in the abandoned elementary school in Niedersulz.
When the collected folkloristic artefacts broke this framework, the municipality of Sulz provided it with a 5 hectares plot along the Sulzbach.
From 1989 until his retirement, Josef Geissler worked full-time in the museum village. During this time, the museum village has grown to almost 80 buildings.
In recognition of his services, he was awarded the honorary title of "Professor" in 2001. He has retired since the beginning of 2011 and is dedicated to projects such as the renovation of the vicarage in Niedersulz, where he presents his extensive sacral collection.

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